MacArthur’s Spies

MacArthur's Spies
A thrilling story of espionage, daring and deception set in the exotic landscape of occupied Manila during World War II. 

“…MacArthur’s Spies reads like Casablanca set in the Pacific, filled with brave and daring characters caught up in the intrigue of war.” – Thomas Maier


The Pope’s Last  Crusade



Pope Pius XI’s valiant effort to condemn Nazism and the policies of the Third Reich—a crusade that might have changed the course of World War II.

“An exciting reminder of how Vatican machinations continue to haunt history.”  – Kirkus Reviews


The Freedom Line

The Freedom Line

A page–turning story of a group of resistance workers who secreted downed Allied fighter pilots through France and into safety in Spain during World War II.

“An inspiring World War II story filled with courage and steely nerves.”Gilbert Taylor, Booklist 


The Italian Letter


Timely and revealing, The Italian Letter provides explosive, historic insights for a greater understanding of the Iraq War and how the United States got there.

“…a brilliantly researched, jaw-dropping book that ought to be on every politician’s reading list…” Laurie Garrett, Council on Foreign Relations